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Being financially free isn’t just about making money. You also have to manage it well. The Strive podcast dives deep into saving, investing, and building lasting wealth.

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"Working with Angela was a total game changer! 


"Angela gave me the freedom to be 100% myself in her sessions which changed everything for me. Her strength and expertise allowed me to see through my limiting beliefs, and uncover the truth about my past. If you’re at a place in life where you’ve come to the end of yourself and what you can do, working with Angela as your coach needs to be a must –- it's a game changer and total no brainer."

- Nate Yeske
Brand and Business Builder, Traveling Speaker, Former Youth Pastor 

 "Angela helped me live wholehearted again."


"I have so enjoyed meeting with Angela. She has helped me navigate a difficult transition that has lead me into healing and feeling wholehearted for my next season. She has a wealth of insight and wisdom to take you to the next level in mind, body, and spirit! Highly recommend!"

- Meredith Mauldin
Founder of SongLab MSC, Former Worship Director of UPPERROOM

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"Angela helped me regain my peace.”

“After several years of severe health struggles, I was dealing with lots of anxiety. I was even terrified to fly, which I used to love to do! Working with Angela gave me so much peace! She was able to help me figure out where so much of my fears were coming from and gave me tools to overcome anxiety attacks. If you have something in life you need help overcoming, Angela is the person to work with!”

- Justice Kuehl
Restore7, Former Miss Tennessee USA 2020

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"I learned to let go with Angela!"


"Angela's one of the best to do it! She cut through the trauma and pain of who I was in the past through prophecy and prayer, and got straight to the heart of who I am in God. She affirmed me with such love and truth, giving me confidence in my industry and my personal life. Her consistency gives me a place to just be myself and my spirit has been refreshed because of that safe space she creates. If you want to shake free from years of baggage and pain, Angela is the one. I am forever grateful."

-Chikk Bell
Worship Leader, K-Pop Platinum Songwriter, PopSoul Artist

"Angela's keys are something everyone can benefit from."


"Angela has helped me pinpoint the things in my life that I did not even know were holding me back from success in life. Her coaching has been a game changer with respect to my emotional health. I have done therapy sessions and counseling, and none of them have even come close to the growth I have been able to achieve with Angela. I know without a doubt that she can help anyone achieve their goals in life no matter how big they are. She values her clients and always make sure that they are receiving the support they need. I would recommend her to anyone!"

- Tristan Stahl
Fitness Coach & Entrepreneur