About Angela Kline

In addition to being the Owner & CEO of The Keys to Life, Angela is a Holistic Coach, Faith-based Counselor, Certified Life, Health & Weight Loss Coach, as well as a 7 Mountain Coach. She is the Founder of Releasing Hope Ministry and It is her greatest joy to share with you the keys that have helped thousands of people around the world.

Meet Angela

Angela’s shattered past was full of hatred, depression, rage, and thoughts of committing suicide.  At age 27, she discovered a key which expelled all this darkness that had been hanging over her for over a decade.  All the fear, trauma and pain from her past was released and overnight she was filled with abundant joy, excitement and a peace that she’d never even imagined.

It was as if the windows of heaven were opened and the keys started flooding in one after another.  Within a couple of months, she discovered another amazing key and was healed from excruciating back and neck pain she had for over 10 years due to a near-fatal car accident.  Being freed from so much pain, and into an exciting life, Angela was filled with zeal and passion to share these keys with the world. She discovered her purpose and decided to lay down her successful Financial Planning career to go back to school so she could learn every key possible to help people receive healing, freedom and abundance in their lives. As she shared these keys, she saw multitudes of lives healed and transformed.

Several years later, Angela and her family moved to Atlanta, Georgia and opened a Healing Center – to freely give back to people all that she had experienced.  She saw many people free from pain, sickness, oppression, and anything that held them back.  She taught others to share these keys in Atlanta, throughout Georgia and the southeast as the Regional Director. Over the years Angela’s "Keys" went global as she was on a mission to help as many people as she could through her published books, conferences, radio program, television interviews and coaching.

Angela had received so much freedom, healing and joy in her life, yet one area was lacking – her weight. She felt hopeless and disgusted with herself because she had not taken care of her body and was very overweight.  For over 20 years she had tried every diet, exercise program, and pill available, yet NOTHING worked! The little weight she lost would come back with a vengeance, adding even more pounds to her already round body. She continued to pray for a key to help her lose weight, but never dreamed she could actually get high school thin again.

Then one glorious day, a friend told her about how she lost weight fast with an all-natural product – Turbo Sculpt. Though very skeptical, she trusted her friend and was filled with great hope! She was so excited as this worked fast and gave her a new lease on life.  She lost 77 pounds in a few months, regained abundant energy, and got free from her addiction to sugar – thus improving her health.  This time she didn’t even have to tell people about this key – they all could see she had transformed her body very quickly and wanted to know how to get the results she did. 

As she was dreaming one night, she heard angels singing and saw a hand reach down through the ceiling handing her gold keys. She heard, "These are the keys to life. Just as Turbo Sculpt is a breakthrough product for weight loss, so you are going to have the keys for setting people free from whatever holds them back, accelerating them into living a life of abundance in every area."   In November of 2009, her company, The Keys to Life, was birthed.  Due to the fast results, her network of friends all shared this key and her company went global very quickly.

Year after year, she saw some of her clients repeatedly come back to use Turbo Sculpt as they had re-gained a lot of weight.  She knew she had to do something else to help them.  She realized that everyone needed the “holistic” approach she had been using with her coaching and counselling clients for years; addressing mind, emotions and spirit, as well as their body in order to be totally transformed.  With a vision to help the world, she has combined everything together into her “Living Limitless” Coaching Program, and her “Living Limitless” Coaching + Weight Loss.  

Her zeal for life is contagious and she has an amazing way of making people feel loved and cheered for. People who are coached by her feel her great passion in seeing them transform. She found a way through Group Coaching to be able to help multitudes of people around the world all at the same time, while benefiting them - as they find friends and comrades around the world to help them achieve their goals.  She gives God all the credit for the keys that He has entrusted to her to share.  

Angela lives in Orlando, Florida with her husband Dennis and her two adult children, Moriah and Israel.  They work alongside Angela in helping share these keys of hope with the world.