About Angela Kline

Angela is a Wholistic Transformation Coach. For over 20+ years she has been helping people release the weights that held them back from living the life they truly desire. She's very passionate about helping transform as many lives as she can, with the same keys that she used to transform her own.

Meet Angela


In 1994, Angela’s life was transformed when she discovered “Keys” that broke all the depression off her life and healed her back and neck after 10 years of excruciating pain.  All the fear, trauma and pain from her past was released and she was filled with abundant joy, excitement and a peace that she’d never even imagined.


After such a radical transformation, Angela was filled with zeal and passion to share these keys with the world.  She discovered her purpose and laid down her successful Financial Planning career to go back to school to learn every key possible to help others receive healing, freedom and the abundance that she had.  She has been on a quest since then to find every key she can, so that others can live their best life.


In 2002, Angela opened a Healing Center in Atlanta, GA.  She also started a Healing school and taught people how to use these keys to bring healing to others.  They had the privilege of seeing many people find healing and freedom from pain, depression, sickness and disease.  As the State & Regional Director for an International Healing Organization, Angela continued sharing how others could be healed, and it spread like wildfire. Over the years, Angela’s “Keys” went global as she was on a mission to help as many people as she could through her published books, cds, International conferences, radio program, television interviews and private coaching.


Although Angela had received so much freedom, healing and joy in her life, one area was lacking – her weight. She was ashamed, hopeless and disgusted with herself because she had not taken care of her body and was very overweight.  For over 20 years she had tried every diet, exercise program, and pill available, yet nothing worked! The little weight she lost would come back with a vengeance, adding even more pounds to her already round body. She continued to pray for a key to help her lose weight, but never dreamed she could actually get high school thin again.


However, in 2009 she heard about an all-natural weight loss product from her friend who had lost an average of a pound per day.  Angela was blown away as her friend had her “high school” figure back, and that was a dream for her.  Though very skeptical, she trusted her friend and took the step of faith hoping that this would work for her too.  In less than 5 months, Angela lost 77 pounds, improved her health and got free from her addiction to sugar – which was a miracle all in itself.  This transformed every part of her life and health as now she had the energy to ride bikes with her kids, go on hikes, and keep up with them.  She could finally even enjoy taking them to the neighborhood pool in her swimsuit without the embarrassment of being extremely overweight.  She loved the beach previously, but hated feeling like a beached whale. Not anymore, as she was in a bikini for the first time since High School.   This new freedom radically changed every part of Angela and her family’s lives and she was beyond grateful.


Everywhere Angela went, people wanted to know how to get the results she did.  This birthed the vision for her own company – The Keys to Life, Inc. which was formed in November of 2009.  With 100% word of mouth advertising – or “look and see” advertisement as she called it – her company went global.  Since then, she has had the honor of helping thousands around the world with this major key to fast and healthy weight loss with Turbo Sculpt.  


Although she received multitudes of successful weight loss testimonies (like her own), she occasionally heard that someone had quit their first week or before reaching their goal.  Knowing how much this had transformed her life, she wanted everyone in the world to experience this as well, and it broke her heart!   She also saw that occasionally some of her clients came back to use Turbo Sculpt as they had re-gained some or all of their weight.  She knew she had to do something else to help them. 


In 2010, Angela laid down her Healing Center, and her positions as the State and Regional Director so she could focus on helping her clients get complete freedom and to enjoy their best life.  She realized that they needed “Wholisitic” coaching like she had been using with her coaching and counseling clients for years; addressing their mind, will, emotions, and spirit, as well as their body in order to be totally transformed and to achieve their goals.


That's when she went back to school to become a certified coach and started weight loss coaching with her clients.  She wanted to make sure she had every "Key" available to help her clients accomplished all their goals and so that they'd also enjoy lasting changes for life!


Angela's zeal for life is contagious and she has an amazing way of making people feel loved and cheered for. People who are coached by her feel her great passion in seeing them transform, whether it's through Life, Health & Healing or Weight Loss Coaching.  


She's so grateful that through the internet, she can help individuals worldwide change their lives and experience living their best life.  She does that through Private Coaching and loves that she can do Group Coaching to help multitudes of people around the world transform all at the same time.


Angela believes that training never stops if you want to live an extraordinary life.  She continues to keep learning all she can and so enjoys working with clients who also want to become their very best.  She has a voracious appetite for knowledge and over the years has studied health and healing by using essential oils, proper nutrition and all-natural supplementation.  Since she had so many clients who suffered with auto-immune disease she enrolled in more schooling to learn how to help them reverse their condition, thus enjoying more of the life God intended.  She gives God the credit for the keys that He has entrusted to her to share. 


Angela lives in Orlando, Florida with her husband Dennis and her two adult children, Moriah and Israel.  They work alongside Angela in helping share these keys of hope with the world.