"Dynamic Duo" Testimonials


These people have gained the ultimate transformation by utilizing both the coaching program and weight loss products.

I Needed This!

During my second round of coaching I hit a major goal of losing 50 pounds and 50 inches. I am not just trying to do it from the outside, like a diet – but actually I am changing from the inside out…and it is bringing forth lasting changes that I needed.

I learned the truth – that our beliefs and our comforts come up against CHANGE and the final decision is ours.  Only we can decide...do we really want change? It is in this moment’s decision where we truly die to our dreams or are empowered and begin to transform. Our soul takes on health and life – causing even our bodies to lose weight on the outside.  I believe the greatest weight that I have lost has been the weight in my soul.

I am so thankful for the Coaching Program and for Angela, who is teaching me that I am worth it." -Melinda


Coaching was the Game Changer

"I’ve had a weight problem since I was 12 and have yo-yo'd in my weight for years. I've used Turbo Sculpt several times to lose weight. However, when I’d go through hard times, I’d end up turning to food for joy and comfort, and gain all the weight back and more. After hitting my highest weight of 254 pounds, I was grateful to have Turbo Sculpt to help me lose 81 pounds in a short amount of time. This time I decided to join the coaching program in order to figure out why I kept gaining weight. With Angela’s help, I was able to dump my emotional pain, and learn healthy strategies to deal with stress which enabled me to dream again.  I discovered how to design my life the way I wanted. I'm now living my dream as a physique model and personal fitness trainer. I would recommend you make the investment in yourself by joining the Coaching Program. It has changed my life and can change yours too!”  - Angel

Couldn't Have Done This Without the Coaching

"I was skinny until about 20 years ago when I went through some emotional things in my life and turned to food.  Before I knew it I had gained almost 50 pounds.  Over the years I quit every diet I tried and thought I'd be overweight for the rest of my life.

With Angela's Coaching Program and Turbo Sculpt I lost 36 pounds and 39 inches in a few months.  I'm so grateful to Angela as she has been on this journey with me every day, every step of the way. This was the best investment I could have ever made in myself and was exactly what I needed.  T

Now, I can push myself, and my body feels so much better than I have in 20 years! I’m applying all the skills I learned on how to invest in myself daily and how to keep the weight off for life! Thank you Angela! You have made a huge difference in my life!" – Laura


Lost 52 Pounds with Coaching


“I actually tried Turbo Sculpt before, without the Coaching Program, losing about 30 pounds. But, I then gained it all back and more. I'm on my 2nd round of the coaching program and am now down 52 pounds. I know for a fact, that the Coaching Program and the sessions with homework are the keys to breaking off the addictive pattern of eating and being unhealthy – in my body and mind.

I know I would not have made it through my mom passing away, a divorce after 20 years of marriage and other huge life changes without Angela investing in me and giving me these keys to transformation.  I come from a minister’s standpoint too – I know a lot of this stuff in theory, but to apply it to my life is a completely different thing. It is being taught at a whole different level than anything I’ve ever been taught. By pressing in, I’ve been able to apply these keys and the transformational changes have occurred in my life. Thank you Angela!”        - Misty

Lost 35 lbs. & 30 inches in only 40 days! 

“I have been on a journey to bring my body and weight into a transformed state for many years. I tried one thing after another, only seeing it fail and moving on to the next new diet plan. I knew the right principles, but my excuses would justify why it wouldn’t work. Our family went through financial hardship – causing us to settle for cheaper, unhealthier foods. All the while praying for an answer. It was then, I was introduced to Angela Kline.  I learned about  her Coaching Program and the product Turbo Sculpt. This has been the answer to my desperate prayer.

After 40 days on the program, I lost 35 pounds and 30 inches. I haven’t been at this weight for 15 years, and am so happy. My body and my life are being transformed. As the physical weight has come off, so has the emotional baggage. I have daily voiced scripture and affirmations of “Who I Am” and not “who I have been.”

Hear me say to you – this can be your new journey to a life of freedom and victory as well. You might say, “I don’t have the money.” I didn’t either. I humbled myself and asked people to invest in me. And you know what? They did. My new motto is “Living With No Regrets” and you can make that yours today! It’s time to live a transformed life!” - Pastor Randy

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It's Even Better as a Couple

"We joined the program after my good friend, who was on the program lost weight and changed before our very eyes. Entering into this program as a couple has helped us be successful since you have a live-in accountability partner beyond your assigned virtual accountability/growth partner. Taking this journey together has allowed us to spend more quality time together learning how to shop and cook healthier as well." - Jim and Renee


“After being in the Coaching Program now for 56 days, I’ve lost 46 lbs. and many inches. I joined originally because I wanted to lose weight. It has been and is such an encouragement because other people are with you – trying to achieve the same things you are. Being part of a team is encouraging and the accountability is what keeps me going.

I noticed before I started the program, that just walking around the house or going down the driveway left me huffing and puffing. But since I’m losing the weight – I don’t huff and puff anymore! My knees were also hurting and I was tired carrying the extra pounds.  But now they feel stronger and the aches and pains I had are gone. I am feeling so amazing!  I don’t eat anymore for all the “flavors” in the food, but I am eating healthy and I still walk away feeling very satisfied!”


“After 56 days in the Coaching Program, I have lost 14.7 inches and 20.2 pounds with Turbo Sculpt. What I really like about the program are the benefits of being able to listen to the Coaching Sessions while I am driving, since I drive a lot. I love the motivational Coaching Sessions that Angela teaches us.

I’m a big “foodie” – but I’ve been able to be creative with food and recipes that are on our coaching website. Since all the food choices are listed, it is much easier when shopping. It is not that I am an emotional eater – but a lot of our getting together with our friends all centers around food and going out to eat. As long as I plan and prep on the weekends – by making our meats ahead and veggies, we do well. That seems to be the secret to our success. I’m learning new ways to cook. With the wide variety, we don’t feel deprived…The best thing for me is that I fit into my clothes! That is a very big deal for me!”

Total Transformation for the Pefect Wedding

"Angela set us up, and then coached us as we both wanted to lose weight and get in great shape for our wedding day and honeymoon.  We loved doing this together as we cooked together and had so much fun with this.  We both lost 22 pounds, over 50 inches total and it totally transformed our bodies.  Adding Turbo Sculpt to the Coaching program we experienced total transformation.

"So if you’re married, or getting married and both of you want to lose weight, we recommend that you do it as a team and enjoy it like we did.  It’s really healthy for you as a couple to keep each other accountable and grow together in this. Thank you Angela so much for this."  - Rick & Dana

Lost 66 Pounds in 76 days

“I realized there were certain dreams I had given up on.  As I looked at all my excuses, I realized that my weight had been holding me back from fulfilling some of the dreams of my heart.  I knew that my health was the one thing I could actually change.  I came face to face with the hopelessness I had in my heart as I’ve been overweight for over 30 years. I was terrified to try a program that would give me false hope, only to add the weight back on again.  

I not only lost weight, but old mindsets, emotional pain, and the shame that goes along with being overweight.  I’ve also gained friends in the coaching program, knowledge on how to cook healthy meals and how to maintain a healthy body weight.  I’ve also gained a mentor and real coach who's not afraid to ask the hard questions. I believe I would've added the weight back without having this team beside me. This is what I needed to make a lifestyle change.  If you need hope like I did, I want to encourage you, YOU CAN DO THIS! Make a decision today to live with no regrets.” - Ronnette



Coaching Was Key for Me

"Angela Kline is one of the most loyal, devoted and integrous women that I have ever encountered. She took me under her wing, loving me to life, and coaching me not only into health, but she took me by the hand and propelled me back into health, happiness, and wholeness. She fights for you harder than you can even fight for yourself. 

She had insightful wisdom that was a plumbline to my healing. Angela has become an irreplaceable part of my life. She brought me hope where I had been hopeless, she lent her strength, and offered her keys to life. The accountability with needing to weigh in every single day, as well as the weekly coaching calls really helped encourage me.

I love Angela and highly recommend her coaching. She creates an atmosphere where all things are possible, because she gives you the courage to become all God dreamed you to be. In that environment, you are celebrated both in flying and failing. Because she loves you in your weakness, she calls you forth in the greatness God destined you for. If you want your life transformed, sign up for her Coaching Program today!” - Cara

I'm Finally Successful

"After trying for six years using just about every diet to lose weight, I succeeded using Turbo Sculpt and Angela's coaching program. I was watching my friend's Facebook posts and noticed that she was getting smaller and smaller, and that she had a new healthy glow. Whatever she was doing was obviously working! I first used Turbo Sculpt for about six weeks without coaching but kept stalling out, not losing weight. I have a lot of stress and had a lot of emotional baggage to release. I also wanted the daily accountability and community that the coaching provides. Once I started the coaching I started releasing the emotional baggage, effectively handling stress, and continuous weight loss followed. I've lost 38 pounds and 36 inches. I've gone from a size 16/18 to a size 8/10 and I feel like a million bucks! 

I have lots and lots of energy and no more aches and pains. I had heard a lot of people talk about the reality that if you didn't deal with your emotional baggage that you would most likely regain any weight lost. This really didn't make any sense to me. But half way through Angela's coaching program I began to notice that physical weight loss and detox followed emotional baggage loss and detox. That makes sense to me! I am now working towards being totally free from the need to use food as comfort, reward or friend, ever! This has been a big key for me. Now I can eat to live, NOT live to eat and am really free to be thin." Sheryl



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