Program Questions 


Q. Can both men and women take this?  

A. Yes, both men and women can take Turbo Sculpt.  Men typically lose weight faster as they have a higher metabolism.


Q. How quickly will I lose weight on the program?   

A. Most clients tend to eliminate about one pound of fat a day on average in the first month; however, the weight elimination does not always happen evenly.  Some clients may notice a “lull” or a span of a few days where little to no weight elimination occurs.  Most clients often notice quick weight elimination after a lull period.  Even in cases where a lull may occur, our clients still seem to eliminate inches.


Q. If I only want to eliminate 10-15 pounds, can I still complete the program?   

A. Yes.  If you only need to eliminate a small amount of weight there aren’t as many “abnormal fat reserves” available so you may start experiencing hunger before the 21st day.  In this case you will continue to eat the healthy choices described in our manual while increasing the portion sizes.  We have had several clients participate who only needed to eliminate 10-15 pounds with tremendous success.  It works great because the abnormal fat pockets will melt away giving them a sculpted body.


Q. Does this come with recipes or a cookbook?   

A. Yes.  Our clients receive a Free Recipe Guide with delicious and nutritious foods to help you so you don't feel deprived while following the plan.


Q. Do I have to exercise while on this program?   

A. No, exercise is not needed. We do recommend walking and/or other aerobic exercise as that's great for everyone, but do not recommend strenuous exercise while on the diet. If you are a heavy weight lifter you would need to increase your protein on this diet.


Q. Are there any guarantees or refunds?   

A. We have had thousands of people use Turbo Sculpt drops with great success. This product does work if you follow it correctly. However, there is no guarantee of results since the results are totally dependent on the individual taking Turbo Sculpt while correctly following the diet. This is outlined in our manual which you receive once you order the product. We do not offer refunds.

Health Questions 


Q. How does Turbo Sculpt work for diabetics?   

A. We have found that Turbo Sculpt helps naturally stabilize the blood sugar for diabetics.  We have testimonies of individuals who have seen an overall drop in fasting blood sugar after completing the program.  Always consult your physician first.


Q. Can I complete the protocol if I am nursing a baby?   

A. No. When you are nursing you need to have alot of fat so you have an adequate milk supply for your baby, which is not conducive for this diet protocol.


Q. Can I still take my medications while on Turbo Sculpt?   

A. Yes, we recommend that you stay on all of your medications. We are not doctors and do not give medical advice.  Never discontinue medicine, unless directed by your physician.


Q. What are the side effects of Turbo Sculpt?   

A. Fortunately, very few negative side effects have been noticed or reported. Occasionally we will have reports from patients that they are hungry or are experiencing constipation.  We recommend you take B-12 while on the program as this will help you with hunger and cravings while increasing your energy.  If you experience constipation there are recommendations in the manual which can help with this. 

(The biggest effect that you will notice is that your clothes will no longer.)


Dietary Questions 


Note: When you place your order, you will receive a manual regarding the specific food plan you will follow.


Q. What kinds of foods do you eat while taking Turbo Sculpt?

A. You will eat lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables. When you order Turbo Sculpt you will receive the manual with all the details.


Q. Can I use Turbo Sculpt if I am a vegetarian/vegan?

A. Yes. You may not have the same results as someone who eats meat though.


Q. Can I use Turbo Sculpt if I am lactose intolerant?

A. Yes. We have had clients who have seen an improvement in this area.


Q. Can I use tap water?

A. No. Tap water contains chlorine, which affects the thyroid. It is recommended to use filtered or bottled water.


Q. Are frozen veggies okay to use instead of fresh?

A. Fresh vegetables are preferred, but frozen vegetables will work.

Who Can Take This Product?


As with any diet product you should consult your physician before usage.  Anyone 16 and over, male or female can take Turbo Sculpt, except for the issues listed below:

*Heart disease
*Unstable heart  [A clear ECG for a minimum of three months is needed prior to starting the drops. You should obtain approval from your cardiologist before and during the time you follow this plan.]
*While pregnant or nursing a baby 
*Cancer, tumors or large uterine fibroids 
*Gallbladder or Colic issues  [Resolve dietary issues and stop the gallbladder attacks first.] 
*Fractures that are healing  [Wait until healed to start.] 

**If you are nursing your baby or have uterine fibroids, please email us for other alternatives for losing weight.

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